As someone who was raised in a home with very liberal, open-minded ideologies, it has been a thoughtful process of deep soul searching that led to my change in political party affiliation. My home was always a place where we had friends and family of many different and varied backgrounds and beliefs. My mother remarried when I was a young boy and I was taught the Jewish faith throughout my elementary school years. Our family always had close friends from all racial backgrounds, religions, and sexual orientations.  One of the wonderful and blessed things about my life has been that I’ve been able to experience numerous cultures and spend time with people from around the world. These opportunities instilled in me the knowledge that although we may have different customs, we are more alike than different. This is where the value of “love is love” and “do unto others” has inspired me to pass this along to my children , family, friends and the public. Growing up and working in Hamden/North Haven/New Haven among a diverse population of people has given me an appreciation towards all people. no matter what their  backgrounds.

I have moderately liberal views in terms of the ability of the government to fund various programs. We have to be cognizant of the financial limits of  the government. I have become disappointed in how the local government and in particular, our current Democratic party domination, has been working with the tax money, pension fund, and the lack of growing the Grand list for more than two decades. I began to feel as though the democratic party in town was really letting us down. I know there is a better way to prioritize the needs of the town, grow the Grand list so the budget is not solely dependent upon the real estate tax revenue, and prove we can all work together to collaborate and compromise on solutions and our governmental operations. I do not feel the Democratic party has been fiscally responsible or moderate enough in recent decades because they have underfunded (and even zero funded) the pension fund, Hamden’s bond rating has become the lowest in the state, we are at a minimum, a billion dollars in total liability. Also, we don’t have a police chief, or a permanent finance director, nor an animal shelter. This is why I’ve chosen to run as a Republican in order to challenge the current administration and to change the status quo. Politics as usual must stop in Hamden.


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